Furniture Silicone Protection Cover

Save 18%

Stop Damaging Your Precious Hardwood Floor !

The costs and effort required to fix a damaged floor can be enormour! Protect your beloved home with FlexiCovers™. It's a no brainer investment to make.

The FlexiCovers ™ are a revolutionary solution that prevents scratches when sliding furniture across your floor.

Combining the elasticity of silicone and the softness of felt underneath, these caps allow furniture to effortlessly glide across floors without leaving marks.

No more worries about scratching your floors by your chairs or furniture and no more noisy sound too. The elastic tension of silicone makes these covers suitable for various shapes of furniture legs!

Super Simple To Use

Simply slip them over your furniture feet, and they will stick like a glove. No need for fancy tools or complicated processes. Even a baby could install them!

Reliable, Doesn't Fall Off

The felt pad is attached to the silicone cup with high-quality glue, forming one unit that cannot be separated, ensuring the product's durability. While the strong elastic soft silicone cup grips the foot of any furniture firmly. This means longer lasting protection for your furniture.

Slide Scratch-Free

Never worry about sliding furniture across your precious floors again! The FlexiCovers™ allow your furniture to glide along the floor with ease, thanks to the felt pads.


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