Powerful Rubber Band Hunting laser Slingshot


Slingshot is one of 2021's coolest gadgets. Whether you're shooting targets, hunting, or making awesome videos, this slingshot is guaranteed to perform and impress!

Product advantages

1. The slingshot handle is non-slip design, and the recurved handle makes the hand feel more comfortable.

2. The slingshot sight is equipped with a level instrument that allows the novice to quickly master the balance.

3. Package B is equipped with laser that can Improve your accuracy. Package A is equipped with a night light that allows you to aim at the target more clearly at night.


The slingshot handle has a non-slip, curved and ergonomic design with stippled side. This ensures you're always in control and the hand feels more comfortable.


Built-in fibre optic sights allow you to shoot with precision at any distance - so beginners can quickly become a master. Simply turn the slingshot sideways and aim with a red or green fibre optic dot. For quicker shots simply use the laser sight attached to the handle.

Durable use

Slingshot height:127mm

Slingshot outer width:83mm

Slingshot material: Polycarbon material

Note: Due to air traffic control, the battery will not be placed in the package, the battery model is LR41(Need 3 batteries)